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More Data For You: Alexa Rank and Pagerank


We want to introduce you to the new functionality in the Positionly application – Alexa Rank and Pagerank information about websites. This tool will provide you with data not only about the overall strength of your site but also the competitors you are tracking. 

Alexa Rank is a tool owned by Amazon.com which collects data on browsing behavior. Based on that, Alexa is forming reports about the website. Numbers display those ratings, and the lower the number is – the better. They are based on a level from 1 to 4 000 000, meaning if you have a ranking under 100 000, then your website should notice some good traffic. Ratings from 3 000 000 to 4 000 000 are mostly for new sites or those with basically no traffic at all.

On the other hand, Pagerank is an algorithm used by Google to rank pages in its search results. It is displayed as a number from 0 to 10, and unlike Alexa, a higher number means greater importance to the website. Those websites are likely to receive more elevated positions in Google search result pages, which means more traffic. 

From now on, you can track both rankings in relation to your pages, as much as to your competitors, which should help you analyze the strength of your website.

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Alexa ranking – what’s it?

An Alexa ranking, or rank in its simplest form, is a measure of representativeness. It evaluates how well your site when compared to the millions of most visited websites on the internet. If the situation is that, until now you have not done anything to improve your rank and increase your visibility, then you certainly are able to increase the effectiveness and effectiveness of your online presence. It is ultimately both valuable and highly regarded to improve your Alexa rank. Because the ranking list is publically accessible, it means that prospective investors, potential advertisers, and business partners have the option of through the process of researching Alex rankings. The attractiveness of a website’s appearance is usually determined by its Alexa ranking, which implies that a higher order in the orders could translate into a profit. IONOS provides several suggestions for increasing the Alexa ranking. In addition, it’s essential to learn the intricacies that makeup Alexa. Alexa rank system to ensure you can be better able to optimize it.

What is the meaning behind Alexa Traffic Rank actually stand for?

Your Alexa Traffic Ranking is an estimate, that shows how frequently your site is frequented relative to other websites. This implies that your page’s rank is not just determined by the number of visitors to the page, but also changes in the data traffic of other websites. That means rankings are really an overall rating that is a relative. It also means that, when it’s the case that you’re in a highly competitive industry and want to stand out for yourself, then you’ll need a large amount of traffic to get a top ranking. If your site is more of an obscure area, the traffic you receive will not be enough to increase your Alexa rank.

How does Alexa collect its data?

Alexa gathers data on hundreds of millions of users all over the world. In order for someone to send their personal information, they must be using an Alexa toolbar in your browser. Based on the data of these sample pages, Alexa then estimates the amount of people who visit each website online. The phrase Alexa ranking refers to a website’s rank within this listing of one million most popular websites. This is the use of a complicated calculation that also takes into account errors caused by spam traffic, and then does not include it. Alexa puts a lot of emphasis on its ability to only uses the most representative information in the calculations. The data traffic that bots or non-human users generate is removed. Alexa determines the average number of per day users as well as page visits per website over the past three months. The site that has the highest score, which is a mix of unique (unique) viewers and views will come the first in its class. It is worth noting that in this case, the multiple requests made by a single user at a particular URL in the same day count as a pageview. The site that has the lowest number of visitors will be placed last. If in the previous three months, a webpage has not received any visits the area is eliminated from the rankings list.

The Alexa Toolbar

Alexa provides the rankings based on the data produced by the customers of Alexa Toolbar. Alexa Toolbar. Based on these data, Alexa then calculates the stats for each domain. According to Alexa the data coming from the most popular websites are more accurate than the data of less popular websites. The reason behind this is that the less frequent visits to these sites fall in the rankings, and the less accurate data is taken. Of course, it’s up to each user whether they wish to use Alexa Toolbar or not. Alexa Toolbar. There is a good chance to question whether the typical Toolbar user is a true representative of the average internet user. We must keep at heart that Alexa Ranking is not the all-encompassing and final answer. There are different ways to analyze your ranking, e.g., using Google Assistant, Protonet Zoe, or Lenovo Smart Assistant). However, there is no doubt that as an instrument to assist in keeping track of the trends, Alexa is very beneficial. Because the data is available to all and available to the public, you can take advantage of it to track your competitor’s Alexa ratings to keep track of your competition.

What impact does the amount of users to a website have on its Alexa ranking?

The Alexa rankings are long. But, the top spots have a substantial part of the traffic their own. The large number of sites in mid-table indicates that the possibility of a rapid rise in rankings is possible with the increase in visitors. The closer you are to the very top spot on the orders list, the less difficult it becomes to boost your rank.
The top 10 of the Alexa rankings; Source: http://www.alexa.com/topsites

What is the significance of the Alexa Rank so important?

More importantly, an increase in Alexa rank is useful to commercial sites. The more visitors, the greater the information, which helps to determine the behavior of visitors to come. This means it’s simpler to understand what factors influence the purchase decisions of potential buyers (Keyword Social Proof). A more Alexa rank is an indication of a popular website. There are publically accessible directories and lists which evaluate websites according to the Alexa ranking. The ability to appear at the top or near the highest of these lists can be beneficial since it will draw the interest of a larger number of people who visit your site and prospective collaborators. Additionally, it increases the appeal of your site to advertisers. The sale of advertising space will definitely fund a stunning website. Suppose the situation is that you’ve got blog-related elements integrated within your website and you have blog elements combined on your site. In that case, the Alexa Rank will be of special importance to you. A higher rank increases the number of backlinks to your site as bloggers make lists of the most popular sites based on Alexa rankings. Alexa rankings can also help you to see how successful your content has been for more period of. Because the numbers on the ranking list are based on the last three months, you are able to keep a more complete picture regarding the long-term impact of the content you have published. This will make it easier to carry out the appropriate improvements. To ensure that you achieve an Alexa rank that is accurate and precise, you should get Alexa to verify the metrics of your site. The data from websites that have confirmed metrics are analyzed directly by Alexa which means that your site’s ranking is built on solid groundwork, instead of being an estimate. In addition, you’ll also have access to a user interface, making it possible to get more precise information about data on traffic. This certification ensures precise positioning, but it will not necessarily increase the position of your website.