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We want to introduce you to the completely new design of our email reports! From now on, you will receive comprehensive data about websites right in your inbox!

This is something we know many of you were waiting for. We did our best to put the most important information about your website rankings into nice and clear email notifications.

In the new version, you will receive info about average positions not only related to your website but also to your competitors. We also provide a number of new and lost backlinks to show you the full view of your SEO status.

What’s also important is that if your Positionly account is connected with your Google Analytics account, you will additionally receive information about the organic, paid, and referral traffic. Everything you need to know all in one place!

Now, let’s take a look at our new notifications:

As you can see, we provide information about actual rankings and, at the same time, percentage changes so you can easily see what the trend is. Click the “View details” button to see more data inside your Positionly account.

If, for some reason, your Positionly account is not connected with Google Analytics or you don’t have any competitors, you’ll see something like this:

In both cases, we give you a chance to connect with Google Analytics or add competitors easily. You can do that if you want to have a full view of your website’s actual standings.

By default, reports are sent once a week, but you can change the frequency in your account’s settings. In the “Manage notifications” section, you can change it to a daily or monthly frequency. You can also switch it off completely, but why would you do that in the first place?

If you have any questions regarding email notifications – feel free to contact me! You can also leave a comment here and share your thoughts with us!