More Beautiful and Better Than Ever

We are very exited to announce the big news! After gathering feedback from you, hours of brainstorming, research and analysis we are proud to present you the new version of Positionly. More beautiful. More simple. Better than ever before.

State-of-art Design

We are obsessed with the design. By creating Positionly we wanted to provide our users with not only a functional tool, but a software which could be really enjoyable to work with. We combined beautiful design with simplicity. As a result, we achieved a great improvement in terms of usability and user experience.

The new software’s look gives more intuitive and user-friendly flow around the application to make your work smoother and faster.

Clear and Beautiful Charts

We think that SEO is complicated enough, so the tools you use shouldn’t be. We wanted to make our software even more simple and make tracking SEO understandable even for the users who are not familiar with its mechanisms.  We redesigned the interface to provide you a clear view about your campaign’s progress. Your data is now presented on beautiful charts. Tracking your rankings and analyzing competitors has never been simpler before.

Adjusted for the New Great Features

The new design makes a better usage of the space and is set and ready for the upcoming new great features. Follow us and stay tuned. It’s worth waiting – we promise! If you like the new design, share your thoughts with us below!

The blog article was initially written by Kinga Liberadzka, a digital Marketer at in the name of Positionly. The appeal of online stores or online businesses generally is that they are not limited to a particular location or area. You can present your product to millions of people around the globe without having to step beyond the screen of your computer. There’s never been a better opportunity to get your business the eyes of a larger potential customers and have your product recognized. The problem is that the world of online is extremely crowded. It’s full of fantastic businesses and products that provide top-quality and like yours for affordable cost. You could be facing amazing competition but you’re aware that it’s growing every day do you? Your potential customers are all over the internet with goods and services in any moment. Setting up an online eCommerce store(opens in a new tab) is the easy step. It is easy to do with X-Cart you can create your shop within a few minutes. If you take a little longer, you’ll have your own personalized shop to sell products online.

Standing Outside the Crowd

Today, it’s not enough to simply put up an online company up and then wait for customers or (hopefully) buyers to arrive. Shop owners should be concerned about the public image of their company from the start. I’m sure for the majority of people, the term search engines optimization (SEO) term sounds professional, technical and far from reach. It’s true that SEO is an extremely complicated and analytical field However, it does not mean you cannot understand the basics and improve your store yourself. Before you begin take note of these four points:
  1. SEO is a long-term process it’s not a single shot. You’ll need to wait for outcomes based on how fast you can resolve the issue you’re facing.
  2. The good thing is that even tiny changes could make a massive impact.
  3. It can improve the overall well-being of your website, keeping you ahead of others when it is used properly.
  4. It will give you the details on how to handle the constantly evolving world of internet to make sure you get exactly what you want each time.

Ready to Learn the SEO Basics?

Great! Let’s get started. The practice of optimizing search engines (SEO) can be described as the method of making a website appear higher in search results webpages (SERPs). When a user type an expression or word into an online search engine, a complex algorithm generates a list websites. The results are sorted in such a way to ensure that results with the highest relevance show on result pages on the initial page. The more appealing to engines that your site is, the better it will appear in search results and the more prominent the site is to prospective customers. It’s a good idea to play the game Isn’t it?