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10 Pinterest Strategies You Should Start Using Right Now


Pinterest is not an average social networking platform. It is rather a social discovery platform that brings audiences from all over the world into direct contact with business providers. Here are 10 effective marketing strategies to boost your brand’s presence on Pinterest.


1. Integrate Facebook or Twitter to Your Pinterest Account

To add your Facebook or Twitter account to Pinterest:

  • Click on the lightning bolt button on your profile.
  • Click on the “Social Networks” option.
  • Check “Log in with Facebook” and also pick Yes to “Connect with Twitter” as shown in the screenshot below:
  • Allow Pinterest to access your accounts when prompted.
  • Click on “Save settings” when done.

As highlighted above, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to integrate social platforms with an existing Pinterest account. By incorporating social platforms, brand visibility can be improved by the re-marketing of your ad campaigns.

2. Use Pinterest Widgets to Make Pins Shareable

Every picture or video uploaded on Pinterest for marketing purpose should be accompanied with a relevant widget. While a user goes through content, they should be able to pin it for future reference. Some of the widgets you can choose to add with the help of widget builder are:

  1. Follow button: Click on “build it” once you enter the profile URL in the widget builder.
  2. Pin widget: Click on “build it” after pasting the copied URL of the respective pin.
  3. Profile widget: Enter the profile URL in the widget builder. After customizing the size, click on “Build it.”
  4. Board widget: Enter the board URL in the widget builder. Customize the size of the board widget and click on“build it.”

The code is generated once you click on “build it.” Enter the respective code in the place where you want to add the widget.

3. Monitor Pinterest Profile Analytics

Analyze which parts of your marketing strategy are attracting an audience. Insights on your audience’s behavior can be understood with the data provided by Pinterest analytics. With Pinterest Analytics you can:

  1. Review audience behavior and the amount of traffic received with the addition of the “Save” button.
  2. Explore the likes/dislikes of users and other business profiles being followed by them.
  3. Receive professional insights on how to improve impressions, clicks, and saves.

With the data accumulated, a refined strategy can be put in place for improved results.

4. Choose an Appropriate Board Theme

Your Pinterest board should influence users to drive your marketing objectives. Choose an appropriate theme to reflect the user preferences in order to engage with them effectively. You can quickly add rich pins to provide an extra bit of information on the pin itself. The six rich pins available on Pinterest are:

  1. Article Pins: Directs users to relevant information by including the headline, author, story or description.
  2. Movie Pins: Include ratings, reviews and cast members to provide Pinterest users with information.
  3. Place Pins: Under Place pins, you can add maps, contact numbers, and addresses.
  4. Product Pins: It includes three options: where to buy, current pricing and availability.

  5. Recipe Pins: Important information such as the ingredients, cooking times and serving info can be included.
  6. App Pins: As of now only compatible IOS App pins allow users to “install” the app without having to leave the page.

5. Reach People with the New Targeting Update

Three effective ways to target your audience with Pinterest Ads Manager are:

  1. Customer list targeting: Target existing customers with e-mail or mobile ad IDs.
  2. Visitor Targeting: Target visitors who visited your website.
  3. Look-alike Targeting: Target users with similar patterns to those of your existing audience.

To manage this, go to the campaign targeting section and click on Create an Audience. This gives you the three options described above.



The effectiveness of the New targeting update is quite visible in the data accumulated as with Visitor Targeting the click-through rates increased by three times and with lookalike targeting click through rates rose to 63% and boosted reach by 30 times.

6. Drive Sales with Multi-Product Pins

Multi products pins improve click-through rates and also enhance checkouts. Multi-product pins can evoke user curiosity and double up the excitement. Include multi-product pins in your Pinterest marketing campaigns to make it work for your benefit by following these tips:

  • Showcase your collection by combining products on a single pin.
  • Make it convenient to reach each product on the pin. Check out how you can use Rich Pins to do this.
  • Use high-quality product images.
  • Promote pins to drive more user reactions.
  • Provide a seamless shopping experience.

7. Upload Good Quality Images

The quality of images has to be nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some tools that can ensure each image you put to use will attract pinners to take note of your Ad campaign:

8. Improve ROI on Ads with CPM buying

Buy Ads with CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions) buying where the cost that is incurred is based on impressions and engagements. It is a significant shift from an earlier strategy of Pinterest which now should improve the performance of Ads by driving a higher ROI.

How does it work?

  • Pinterest optimizes the reach of Ads based on the CPM bidding.
  • You have the option to specify how many times a user should view the ad campaign.
  • The results are better impressions and improved ROI.

9. Grow Your Network by Joining Niche Boards

The two most significant benefits of joining niche boards on Pinterest are:

  1. Ad campaign exposure amongst a niche audience.
  2. Acquiring more followers in small time.

PinGroupie can be helpful to find group boards by looking for the relevant keywords in a description or title. You can join a board group by:

  • Getting invited by establishing a contact with the board admin through comments or by pinning posts.
  • Find the email address in the board description to send a message to be invited.

Be polite and stay focused on your niche market to ensure you are invited to join a board.

10. Use Video Ads for Revenue Generation

Use video ads in marketing campaigns with a focus on driving sales and not views. Pinterest is attributed as more of social a discovery tool than a social networking platform. For example, a small 30-second video with quality video content can drive sales and bring in an audience to take note of a brand.

Go ahead and employ the above mentioned Pinterest strategies to broaden your business field.