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Increase Your Conversion Rate Using Colors in The Right Way

Almost 90 percent of all product assessments are related to color, indicates a study conducted by Quick Sprout. Each color has a psychological effect on us that goes deeper than we think. They have an enormous influence on our attitudes and emotions. For example, the color blue has a calming effect while yellow signifies joy… Read more »

The Art of Understanding Visitors’ Behavior with Heatmaps

Today we have access to a myriad of tools marketers of previous generations would have loved. Tools we can use to make solid, steady improvements to our online, and offline, marketing results. These tools can be used to help small businesses level the online marketing playing field against the larger competitors they face – they… Read more »

3 Conversion Hacks that Will Boost Your Revenue Sky High

It’s easy for marketers to fall victim to vanity metrics. What are ‘vanity metrics,’ you ask? These are numbers that get us excited, despite a total lack of relevance to a business’s bottom line. Think: pageviews, raw, downloads, and registered users. These are awesome, top-of-funnel numbers that kickstart the customer acquisition process. But they’re not… Read more »

Convince & Convert: 5 Essential Elements of a Landing Page Optimization

In traditional marketing most advertising is linked to a measurable action; advertisements are generally used to drive traffic, or to increase sales. Which is why they are often paired with a new product launch or a time-specific promotion. Online marketing should be no different, and this is why landing pages are so important for any… Read more »

Conversion Optimization Hack: Align Calls to Action with Incoming Keywords

It’s great to drive traffic to your site, but it’s more important for you to drive traffic that’s actually relevant and valuable. There are a lot of ways to do this and by using multiple marketing channels, you can definitely reach audiences who can benefit from what your site has to offer. However, when it… Read more »