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Six Attributes of Viral Content (With a Case Study Example)

When it comes to content, there are two primary categories: informational pieces with great longevity and staying power, and explosive pieces which take off quickly (but also become old news quickly). This is obviously an oversimplification of sorts, as the two categories aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and there are gradients in between the two extremes,… Read more »

Why They Read Your Content – How To Use Buyer Intents To Improve Your Content Strategy

Tell me, what makes a great content strategy? Gosh, it’s obvious – content, du-uh! Well, yes but ..… no. I mean that too but it’s not the heart of it. Diversity of content types then? Ummm, nope, no, uh-uh. Frequency of posting? (Shaking his head) .. close but wrong again. What the -?! Well, let’s… Read more »

How I Successfully Included Storytelling in my Articles

Despite the hype of “big data” and the purported need of creating content based on it the comparably silent revolution in business blogging and beyond has been the addition of storytelling. Over the recent months I was able to successfully add storytelling elements to my articles without compromising the business approach to blogging. Personal experiences… Read more »

12 Steps to Start Your First Content Marketing Campaign from Scratch

Yes, the numbers say it all. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s report “B2C Content marketing 2014 – benchmarks, budgets and trends–North America”: –    90% of B2C marketers use content marketing (and that’s up from 86% last year), –    44% of their B2B colleagues claim they are effective at content marketing, –    60% plan to… Read more »

How to Measure Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is now an accepted way of improving your online business and driving traffic to your site through the production of useful, educational and/or entertaining content. It’s so popular that 63% of brands now have a budget that’s dedicated to content production and distribution. A recent survey found that 43% of companies that produce… Read more »