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Video SEO: Actionable YouTube Marketing Tips

More than 100-hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. A year ago the figure was 72-hours each minute, and two years ago it was 24-hours of video every minute. These statistics illustrate the difficulty faced in using YouTube for marketing purposes, but they should not discourage you. When approached correctly and purposefully, YouTube… Read more »

Linking Affinity: An In-depth Discussion on Co-citation and Co-occurrence

Ever since Google began engineering algorithms to constantly fine-tune its massive search index, specialists on search engine optimization, web design, and content marketing have been at the mercy of every update or a new system altogether. This is not exactly a bad thing. If, for anything, the regular changes implemented by Google kept the aforementioned… Read more »

SEO and E-commerce – 4 Tips to Make Your Business More Google-Friendly

Almost everybody uses search engines like Google when looking for products and services. Search engines are one of the most important mediums to get highly targeted traffic and make your store findable on the Internet. E-commerce, as an online-based business, should care more about SEO. Besides the fact that search engines are a natural place… Read more »